Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bodega: 6.2.13 ~ Guest DJ: Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw)

Yes Yes Ya'LL!!! Biguppp to DJ Nu-Mark and Very Be Careful for blessing us last Bodega....the dance floor was packed, beautiful folks in every corner and music was fire!! Thank you to all that came out!!!

As you know, we back at it....Round 3.

Sunday June 2nd
Guest DJ: Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw)
Resident DJs: Cee Brown, Melaaza & Panamami

Senor FIsh
422 E. 1st St.
Little Tokyo, LA

Opening set by: DJ Spill
Drums: AmaZulu (Zap Mama)
PopUp Shop: Nena Soul Fly

Peanut Butter Wolf:

As a young kid growing up in San Jose, Chris Manak soon realized he needed an escape from the realities of suburbian life in the Silicon Valley. The age of nine was his coming of age. This was the year he discovered sports (Pittsburgh Pirates), video games (Pac man), girls (Anita Balderama), and hip hop (“Rappers Delight”). Alongside partner Sweet Steve, young Chris fashioned primitive mix-tapes (using the pause button) and ran amok at the local roller rink.

He took on the name Peanut Butter Wolf in the late-80s when he realized that, in an odd turn of events, a girlfriend’s youngest brother feared the “peanut butter wolf monster” more than death itself. Wolf and his more conventionally-named counterpart, Charizma, began recording in 1989 when the two were still teenagers. Within three years, the duo signed a contract with Hollywood Basic (Disney) alongside label mates Organized Konfusion and DJ Shadow. Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf were riding high, touring Europe, receiving press in magazines such as Billboard and (a then newspaper format) Urb, hanging with radio legends Sway & King Tech on Wake Up Show and performing live shows with groups like House of Pain, Nas and The Pharcyde. Then, in December of 1993, Charizma tragically lost his life. Stunned, Wolf temporarily gave up on music.

After releasing the song “Just Like A Test” with Charizma for David Paul’s Bomb Hip Hop Compilation early in 1994, Upstairs Records, a label known primarily for house music, approached Wolf to record an instrumental LP. Thus, the Peanut Butter Breaks was born; the record became the Wolf’s calling card, leading to meetings and collaborations with like-minded DJs like Q-bert, Cut Chemist and Rob Swift.

After the release of Peanut Butter Breaks, PB Wolf found himself in demand as a producer. His track for the all-scratching compilation Return of the DJ was labeled “incredible” by The Source magazine. He released a 6 song compilation for South Paw Records in 1995, featuring collaborations with up and coming San Jose MCs. He also produced Kool Keith’s first single as a solo artist “Wanna Be A Star.” These releases, amongst others, led to a picture disc EP for British label 2 Kool Records.

In 1996, Peanut Butter Wolf founded Stones Throw Records. Charizma’s posthumous “My World Premiere” was the single to launch the label. A few highlights in the beginning were the songs “Unassisted” by Rasco, Super Duck Breaks LP by DJ Babu, and hip hop 7” series.

Lately, PB Wolf has moved away from producing (save the odd remix or compilation track) to build the Stones Throw label and to travel as a DJ to Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and across the US. Through his willingness to experiment and provide Stones Throw’s artists with musical carte blanche, he has overseen the releases of Lootpack’s Soundpieces, Quasimoto’s The Unseen, Breakestra’s Live Mix, Yesterdays New Quintet’s Angles Without Edges, Madlib’s Shades of Blue, and Jaylib’s Champion Sound.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bodega: Season 4~ Round Deuce~ Guest DJ: Nu-Mark~Live Performance by: Very Be Careful

Last Sunday was truly one for the books Los Angeles. Big thank you to all you beautiful people that came through....
Ready for Round two??

We are....

Guest Deejay: NU-MARK
Live Performance by: Very Be Careful (10pm performance)

Sunday May 19th 2013
8pm till 2am
Senor Fish
Drums: AmaZulu (Zap Mama)
Opening Set: Dj Spill

~DJ Nu-Mark


Broken Sunlight houses the entire limited edition 10” series and brand new DVD.

DJ Nu-Mark delivers a jaw dropping collection of heartfelt music. After three years of brainstorming, experimenting and collaborating, his debut release, Broken Sunlight is set for release December 11th, 2012.

On inviting his favorite emcee’s, singers and musicians to create a genre cross talent laden gem of a record. DJ Nu-Mark says “I wanted create an album that contained songs I would play out as a DJ. Broken Sunlight incorporates a wide selection of genres while remaining rooted in Soul. I truly enjoyed re-visiting raw Hip Hop with Bumpy Knuckles, J-Live and Large Professor. I felt it was important to work with up and coming mc's Tiron, Ayomari and Haas who gave the album a refreshing outlook on relationships as well. What made the album diverse and unique was my collaboration with Quantic and Laudir de Oliveira in two very energetic Latin joints featuring amazing musician from around the world. Hearing the synergy between Aloe Blacc and Charles Bradley really rounded out the album/series in a cohesive way, true to my soulful production. So happy to share this record with you!”

As a member of the critically acclaimed, gold-selling Hip-Hop outfit, Jurassic 5, DJ Nu-Mark graced the group with precision production and cutting edge stage routines. He’s also appeared on countless TV Shows with J5 including David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson.

All of the limited edition 10” vinyl album tracks are consolidated on the full-length version of Broken Sunlight with a brand spanking new track you can’t get anywhere else, “Tough Break.” In addition to all that goodness, Broken Sunlight will include a DVD, Nu-Conduit, which featured DJ Nu-Mark’s world travels, behind the scenes making of the album and performances of the legendary Toy Set.


~Very Be Careful

Adventure has never been a task for VBC. A Caribbean soul and a California heart have sustained over a decade of ceaseless romp-downs and raucous times for L.A.’s vallenato veteranos, inciting 10s of 1000s of men, women, children, and even some wild animals, to boogie to the Colombian coastal beat. From the debaucherous streets of: Austin’s SXSW, and Germany’s WorldCupTour ’06; to the cultural pinnacles of: Chicago’s SummerDanceSeries, New York’s CentralParkSummerstage, Los Angeles’ GrandPerformances and LevittSummerConcerts, Silver Lake’s SunsetJunctionStreetFair; colossal concerts: L.A. Sports Arena CumbiaFest, GlastonburyMusicFestival UK, Asagiri and FujiRockFestival Japan, HammersmithApollo London; clubs and hubs: N.Y.’s SOBs, L.A.’s HOBs, backyard BBQs, VeryBeCareful has tamed the beasts within or unleashed the ones without.